From Whitechapel to Whitefriargate

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Great News everyone: The BBC Radio Humberside “Jack the Ripper” show, “From Whitechapel to Whitefriargate” will air on Radio Humberside on December 27th 2013 1-2pm (56 min edit) and on January 1st 2014 6 -7pm (60 min) (Features an extra four minutes of me saying “erm”)

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  2. Katherine Says:

    Well Stefanie, since I highly resecpt your viewpoint regarding books, this is one that I will for sure make a note of . not noting, in my travels hither and yon.It’s so disillusioning when you give a book a real fighting chance, and you are patient with it, and it still fails to resonate with you. It’s happened to me before where you really try to like a book, especially as it’s been recommended to you by someone else, and it just falls flat. I felt that way with a Hilary Mantel thing [Beyond Black] recently. Also with Martin Amis [Money] a book that was praised to the rooftops by a friend of mine, and which I ended up wishing it would end!Conversely, so exhilarating when you have no preconceived notions of a book, and then it just grips you and you love it. I felt that way recently with Jeffrey Eugenides [Middlesex] and now, with Franzen [The Corrections].

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