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It’s been a busy week researching again, with work carried out on Rev. Charles Prest.  Prest carried out sermons at several churches in Hull during the 1850’s and 1860’s and later had a property in Islington, London, that was used by Robert D’Onston Stephenson.  This week I have uncovered information that connect both the Stephenson and Prest families as far back as the 1840’s!

I have also began work on a list of Charles Prest’s work,

Some books by Rev Charles Prest,

1840 Rev Charles Prest releases his book The witness of the Spirit. A sermon preached in the Wesleyan Chapel, Cherry-Street, Birmingham: and published at the request of the leaders’ meeting, printed and sold by R. Peart and Son, 1840

Rev Charles Prest releases his book Baptismal regeneration: considered in a sermon suited to the times, and preached to the congregations of the Wesleyan Methodist branch of the church of Christ in Birmingham, Printed by R. Peart and Son, 1842

Rev Charles Prest releases his book Christian discourse: a sermon, Printed by James Nichols, 1844.

Rev Charles Prest releases his book A sermon on the specific duties of Wesleyan parents in the present circumstances of the church and the world, Printed for the author, by James Nichols, 1845

Rev Charles Prest releases his book The home-work of Wesleyan Methodism: its sustentation and extension, viewed in relation to the support and application of the contingent fund, printed by John Mason.

Rev Charles Prest releases his book Fourteen letters on the home-work of Wesleyan Methodism, its sustentation and extension: addressed to the editors of the “Watchman” newspaper, in the years 1855 and 1856, printed by John Mason.

Rev Charles Prest releases his book A charge delivered to fifty-seven newly ordained ministers: in Brunswick chapel, Sheffield, on Wednesday, August 5th, 1863, printed by John Mason.

It appears as though John Mason passed away during this break, as Prest’s next work is a sermon about Mason’s life and death,

Rev Charles Prest releases his book The service of Christ: A sermon [on Col. iii. 23, 24], occasioned by the death of the Rev. John Mason, preached in the City-Road Chapel, April 17th, 1864, published by Wesleyan Conference Office, 2, Castle-Street, City-Road; sold at 66, Paternoster-Row, 1864

Rev Charles Prest releases his book The Witness of Holy Spirit, printed by William Nichols of 46 Hoxton Square, and sold via 66 Paternoster Row.

Rev Charles Prest co authors an article with William Harris Rule for the Wesleyan Methodist Magazine entitled, ‘The Church in the army and navy’: (From the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine, May, 1868)

Finally, bringing the list full circle is an entry by Frederick James Jobson, covering Rev Charles Prest’s life and death,

Frederick James Jobson releases his book The course fulfilled: A sermon preached … on the death of … Charles Prest, general secretary of Wesleyan Home-Missions. With a sketch of the life and services of the deceased, published by Wesleyan Conference Office, 1875

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I didn’t realise these exsisted, but might very well order a few for future usage!

Robert D’Onston Stephenson’s place of education found?

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This morning I took delivery of a document that gives subtle hints and clues as to the centre of education that Robert D’Onston Stephenson was said to attend. 

The centre, which was certainly in exsistence during and before Stephenson’s life, still stands today as an educational centre.

Efforts have been made to contact the establishment, and a dialogue has been opened regarding his educational background at the location.

Previously it has been suggested that Stephenson had obtained certificates from America, Paris, and Germany, but no proof has ever surfaced, and no paper trail can be found.

Updates will follow….


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Jack the Ripper- From Hell, From Hull?

The book has expanded at an alarming rate, and now features massive chapters on several suspects with links to Hull.  Among them are

Walter Sickert, the chapter looks at all the authors and theorists that have presented books on this enigmatic man.  Looking indepth at claims made by Patricia Cornwell, Stephen Knight, Melvin Fairclough, Jean Overton Fuller, and Donald McCormick.

Prince Albert, the chapter presents a detailed account of “Bertie’s” several visit’s to Hull, and a massive chapter on his dealings with the Wilson family at Tranby Croft.

Prince Eddy, the chapter looks at Eddy’s many visit’s to the City, his life, and the claims by authors surrounding his alleged involvement in the Whitechapel Murders. 

Frederick Bailey Deeming, the chapter looks at Deeming’s life, criminal past, and visit to Hull.  A full account of Deeming in the Hull Press is also given, alongside the previously unpublished Magistrates papers when he was imprisoned in Hull!

And thats only four of the eight suspects!!

The section of the book on Robert D’Onston Stephenson is taking shape with chapters on his early life, the life of his father’s side of the family, and the life of his mother’s side of the family.

Each chapter is fully referenced, with footnotes, and sources listed for anyone wishing to learn more about the sources of information used. 

In fact, the book is so huge, that a recent investigation showed that the memory card holding the text file only is almost 2GB and rising, forcing me to copy the text files over to a much larger 4GB card!!

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