Ripper Mystery Solved?

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Mark Potts, a resident of Berks County, claims to have solved the Ripper murders, by reading the Ripper letters.  So who does Potts favour?  None other than H. H. Holmes. 

To read more on Pott’s theory,

27 Page download featuring the theory, letters analysed, maps and more,

Frederick Bailey Deeming’s Hull Frauds

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Despite numerous articles and texts alluding to the frauds carried out in Hull by Frederick Bailey Deeming, very few newspaper accounts have surfaced, with only one exception which stated that Deeming had been given 9 months for his criminal deeds. 

I managed to track down the Calender of Prisoners for 1890, and the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions on the case, but they did not run to much, and contained very little useful information. 

With this in mind, and a new wind, I once again trawled the Hull Press for the year 1890 and sure enough, I discovered several newspaper reports covering Deemings criminal activities in Hull, and the chase that the Hull Detectives gave across the globe. 

More interestingly, I uncovered an article written by Detective Grassby, the man responsible for capturing Deeming in Monte-Video, and bringing him back to Hull.  Grassby’s article was a great find, as it contained many hiterto unknown details about Deeming’s conduct on the journey back to Hull.

New Hull Ripper Scare?

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The headlines said it all “Hull Ripper Scare,” “Jack the Ripper Scare in Hull,” and “Jack the Stabber at large.”  These were the reports I discovered this week in several newspapers and covering an incident where 5 women were stabbed.  I managed to trace several different newspapers, giving different views, and some of them featured illustrations of the suspects.  I was also able to ascertain who the culprit was, and managed to obtain birth, marriage and death data.

Hot on the trail I also uncovered the entry in the Calendar Entry of Prisoners, and from this the actual court proceedings of his case!  More info to follow!

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