Jack the Ripper - The Hull Connection Lecture

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Some years ago I lectured at Carnegie Heritage Centre in Hull on “Jack the Ripper - The Hull Connection.”  It was the first ever lecture that I did, and I am pleased to say after a number of years lecturing in Hull and London, I am returning to my roots for a one off special lecture at Carnegie.

This time round the lecture will exclusively reveal a previously named suspect with links to Hull, but who has never been linked to the city before, and his identity will be sure to shock.  My recent research has uncovered a suspect with links to the Royals, the Freemasons, and some of the highest in the land, and his time in Hull was well documented and thoroughly reported in the local and national press.

As usual the lecture will also feature Ripper scares, Ripper suspects, and Ripper letters with a connection to Hull.

The lecture will be at Carnegie Heritage Centre on  Wednesday July 31st 2013 and starts at 20.00.

Tickets for the event are £3.00 and available from Carnegie, with all proceeds going to the library to enable the staff to keep up their excellent work.

For inquiries contact Carnegie at 01482-561216 or email them at enquiries@carnegiehull.co.uk

Thank You!!

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This morning I spent some time on the streets of Hull taking photo’s of locations associated with the 8 previously named Ripper Suspects with links to Hull. 

I was suprised how some people’s reactions, and at one point was even threatened with legal action!

I had some time aside this morning to take photo’s of several locations in the Hull City Centre.  Many of these locations along Whitefriargate have changed although much of the upper floors of the buildings still retain their original looks and features.

I have taken numerous photo’s of the Neptune Inn over the years, and the staff at both the Works, and Boots have been fantastic.

Today I wanted a decent picture of Schuh, which is a shoe shop and formerly Reynoldsons Jewellers.  It was here that Frederick Bailey Deeming defrauded the Reynoldson family, fled, was captured, brought back to Hull and imprisoned in Hull Jail.  I explained my intentions to the staff who were all brilliant, and really enthusiastic!

The same can be said of the wonderful staff at Hull’s Quality Royal Hotel, aka Royal Station Hotel.  It was here that 4 suspects in the case had spent some time, and the staff are always friendly, polite and courteous.

Another stop on my journey was the former offices of the Hull News, which stood on Whitefriargate.  Sadly, the staff informed me I could not take photo’s of the exterior of the building, or I would be threatened with legal action!

I pay my taxes, and dutily informed the staff that they could not stop anyone taking photographs of the exterior of their premises! 

It’s a shame that a small minority has to act in such a way but nice to see most residents and businesses in Hull are positive and wish to help in any way they can.

A Trying Time

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The reason I began researching the ripper was becasue of my heart condition.  I had collected Ripper books, for years so when I got ill I thought it would occupy my time and keep me focused.

Recently my health has taken a turn for the worse, with almost constant chest pains, always feeling sick, shortness of breath and so tired all the time, I thought I would take it easy.

Having stomach ulcers does not help either, as constant heart burn, and nausea when I get stressed or worry is becoming a pain in the ass too!

Over the next few days I have quite a few tests due to ascertain why my heart keeps beating irregular, stopping and causing me so much hassle.

It also means planned visits and research trips are now on the line, as rest and relaxation are the priority!!

Please be patient, for I shall return!!

£100 Article Winner

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£100 article winner!!

Local newspaper Hull Daily Mail, has set a website up entitled Your Mail


The website is desgined to give resident a say in their town and community, post their views, set up clubs and spread the word.

Being opinionated I joined the site last week and within a couple of days I had posted over 15 news stories on everything from Jack the Ripper, to local history.

Imagine my suprise when I got an email this morning stating I had won £100 for my articles!!

I was congratulated on my historical entries and my passion for my community!!

Here are some of my posts, which you can copy and paste into your search bar.





The Story So Far….

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As a child I had always had an intrest in the Paranormal and the Unexplained.  My father would collect books and I would sit and read them , assimilating every case study and fact.  By the time I was 16 I was at college and working, my book collection began to expand and included works on UFO’s, Ghosts, and True Crime.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with a heart condition, and had to rest, I had worked all my life and was a little bored at the prospect of having to spend so much time at home.

My Wife told me to do something, get a hobby, I think now she regrets ever saying it!

I began writing Haunted Hull and spoke to several people in the area who had suffered with paranormal encounters, visiting shops, hotels, pubs, and museums.  Noticing several people mentioning “Jack the Ripper”

I knew a little about the legends of the Ripper spending time in Hull but never really took notice.

So, with Haunted Hull on the back burner, I decided to investigate.

My first candidate was Robert D’Onston Stephenson who was born here and lived in Hull for many years, his grandfathers business is still in operation albeit doing a different line of work.

There were of course others who had links to the City of Hull,  and I would look at each suspect, checking the facts of the stories, visiting the places they had links with and taking photo’s, getting hold of maps, and getting the bigger picture.

It was at this moment in time I joined Casebook and the Jtr Forums to gain more knowledge and speak to like minded people.

Eventually I set up a couple of small amateur sites but wanted more.

In 2007 I was offered the Role of Historian for Yorkshire Paranormal, which was great until my health got worse.

I decided to put the Paranormal on the back burner until I was well enough to give it my all, concentrating on researching the Ripper.

A task that has taken me to London, Whitechapel, Islington, Bridlington, Beverley, and all over my home town of Hull.

On my journey I have amassed thousands of photos, maps, newspaper articles and much much more, now bursting from several big black files!!

I was offered a place on the Rippercast Podcast,

A role as Moderator on the jtr forums. 

I won £100 on a Hull Daily Mail Website for Articles I had written on the Ripper’s Link to Hull. 

And my first article was published in Ripperologist.

It couldn’t be better!!

Mike Covell

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