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Notable Finds,

Tim Riordan’s photo of Tumbelty. Philip Hutchinson’s Berner Street photo.

Andrew Spallek’s Druitt research and the mass of photo’s he uncovered!

ADAM Wood’s Lawende photo.  (Good old edit button!)

Written Word,

Jack the Ripper Casebook by Richard Jones, The National Archives in book form! The Worst Street in London by Fiona Rule, A well written piece, that helps create a vivid picture of the infamous Dorset-street!!The Prince, His Tutor and The Ripper, Deborah McDonald, a well researched and well written book!

The Maybrick A-Z, Chris Jones, The must have for those interested in the Maybrick family.

Elizabeth Stride and JTR, Dave Yost, a veritable treasure trove of information.The Ripper in Ramsgate, Chris Scott. A local historians dream!The Fox and the Flies, Charles Van Onselen. A thoroughly researched book.

A Study in Red, Brian L. Porter. A fictional romp involving a diary and JTR!!Audio Visual,

Jonathon Menges Rippercast set a new standard in Ripper Media, and to everyone that has participated in the shows.

All the people that helped get Casebook up and running after the crash! Stephen P Ryder, Casebook has expanded with a ripperwiki, and some really nice bloggs.

Howard and Nina Brown, for the JTR Forums Studies, a selection of articles and news stories for Ripperologists everywhere!

The documentary “The World Of Jack The Ripper” with Lindsay Siviter & Phil Hutchinson.A Study in Red, Brian L. Porter. With an Audio version announced, and a movie in the pipeline!!

Ripperologists, Chris Scott for his generous census work, newspaper transcriptions and for being such a nice bloke!

Philip Hutchinson and Rob Clack, these two men should be knighted for everything they do in and around London.Howard and Nina Brown, for their ongoing genealogy work and newspaper transcriptions

Everyone who has participated in Ripperologist, Ripper Notes and the Whitechapel Society.

Everyone who has participated in both JTR Forums and Ripper Casebook, and Rippercast!

Special mentions must go to Jon Reese, Brian L Porter, Howard Brown, Jonathon Menges, Christopher George and Stephen Leece, all of which have helped me loads this year. Many Thanks!!


The JTR exhibition at the London Docklands Museum, lets hope there is another soon!! The USA Ripper Conference, which saw many lectures given by Ripperologists such as Robert J McLaughlin and Philip Hutchinson, and run by Dan and Kelly Norder.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Jeremy Beadle, Wilf Gregg,

Julian Rosenthal,

Albert Johnson,

Things to look forward to in 2009!!

A Study in Red - The Movie! Whitechapel - The ITV crime thriller!

A UK Ripper Conf?

I will be meeting with a living relative of Robert D’Onston Stephenson next year!!

And another great year of people sharing and helping each other in their research. 

All the best for 2009!!

New Development!!

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Several weeks ago I began looking into why Robert D’Onston Stephenson, which resulted in me writing an article for a future issue of Ripperologist Magazine.  One of the things that cropped up during my investigations was Sunnyside House, which was the former Dawber family home.  You will remember that Isabella Dawber married Richard Stephenson, and had several children including Robert D’Onston Stephenson!

I posted a thread on the Hull Daily Mail “Your Mail” website and was lucky enough to recieve several posts of feedback.  I also recieved an email from the team behind the site who stated that a member of the Dawber family wanted to make contact with me!!!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to speak to Mr Dawber and arrange a proper meeting after Christmas, but whilst chatting he verified several of the lesser known facts that I have uncovered on the family.

He was aware that a family member had been linked in with the case, and I am quite excitied about the developments.

More will eventually follow…

Updates, Findings, and other News- December

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Well it’s been a busy time, as this time of the year always is, but Stephenson and Ripper research continues and some interesting and exciting finds have been made.

From Robert to Roslyn,

Just another mystery enshrouded by the larger mystery, but why did Robert D’Onston Stephenson change his name to Roslyn Donston?

Was it due to an occult tradition, or is there another more mundane reason?

Well, the past few weeks I have been looking into this, and have found some wonderful answers.  I am in talks at the moment to have the findings published in Ripperologist, so watch this space!

When Trade Directories Attack!

I have used and abused every Trade Directory, Post Office Book, Burgess Roll, Polling Book, and Census entry available in Hull but recently found a collection in private hands pre-dating any others in Hull, several of which had entries for both the Stephenson’s and Dawber family members.  Furthermore, I was also shown an online Trade Directory project, which helped fill in a few blanks!

The website is called “Historical Trade Directories” and can be found here,


It is searchable and useful for any budding genealogist, local historian, and lover of history. 


I just want to take time out for all the wonderful feedback, comments, emails and messages that have found their way to me.  I enjoy my hobby and it is nice to hear from others with a similar passion.

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