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Whilst researching an unrelated topic at the local studies library, I came across a book from 1983 which featured the “Dead or Alive ” Story by Stephenson in.

What marks it out from the rest is the fact that it states “Stephenson was to be a Liberal MP” yet most of those that have looked at the facts will realise that it was his brother Richard who became the East Sculcoates Councillor.

I also recieved a letter from the MET Office stating they have the weather reports for the period when Stephenson claims to have had his sighting, this will help me analyse wind direction and ascertain were the bells were coming from, and other weather conditions he mentions in the tale can be checked.

Another Accolade

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It is rare I get to read the local newspapers, I try to do it online, as its quicker, cheaper and I don’t have to worry about the children ripping pages out!

One of the newspapers I do occasionally read is the Hull Advertiser.  It’s a free paper, payed for by advertisements, but it does contain some useful snippets on up and coming events and local activities.

Since the launch of Hull Daily Mail’s website “Yoursay” there have been weekly updates on some of the sites better content.

In the Thursday May 29th 2008 Edition my Jack the Ripper user group won group of the week.  It’s nothing big, and there is no prize but I was proud of the achievement.

This weeks edition (12/06/08) saw another of my groups Paranormal Hull winning the group of the week!

Two groups out of quite a lot is not a bad achievement.

My Ripper Book of the week 8

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Jack the Ripper- Scotland Yard Investigates by Stewart P Evans and Donald Rumbelow, two legends within the field and a must have book for anyone interested in the Police’s side of the story.

The text flows and you become immersed in the world of the Police and their role in the “Whitechapel Murders”, packed full of great pictures and full back ground history.

These two authors never fail to hit the nail on the head, this book well and truly sinks that nail!

Special Thanks to the Met Office!

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Thats right, the Met Office in the UK, who usually forcast our wonderful, yet often wet weather have been a great help this week.

I had a quiery recently as to the weather patterns on certain events in Robert D’Onston Stephenson’s life.  In fact he had written about these events and several versions of this story exist. 

I had began dissecting this story some week ago and had already contacted several agencies for help, when I thought I would try to ascertain weather patterns on these nights he mentions.

This would mean a trip to the local studies library and countless hours reading through the old newspapers, a task which is fun, but draining on the eyes!

Imagine my suprise when I learnt that the Met keeps these records on file.

Not only were they quick to respond but very helpful, and although I have yet to recieve the records, I have every faith they will be here shortly.

Thank you! 

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