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I had a busy day yesterday, despite the new medication which is giving me awful wind, I tracked down the following snippets of information,

  • Several Australian Trade Directory Entries for Frederick Bailey Deeming showing both addresses and business interests.
  • Frederick Bailey Deeming and Marie James wedding entry in the Wedding Indexes.
  • Frederick Bailey Deeming and Marie James Marriage.
  • Criminal Registration papers on an early case concerning Frederick Bailey Deeming from his teenage years.
  • The Deeming family in the 1891 Census.
  • Deeming’s Brothers family in the 1891 Census.
  • Deeming’s daughter, Bertha, in the Australian Birth Indexes.
  • Deeming’s Daughter, Marie, in the Australian Birth Indexes.
  • Bertha’s Birth Certificate.
  • Marie’s Birth Certificate.
  • Deeming, as Harry Lawson, on the UK Incoming Passenger lists for 1890 showing his extradition from Monte Video.
  • Detective Thomas Grassby of the Hull Police on the UK Incoming Passenger lists for 1890 showing him accompanying Deeming from Monte Video.
  • I also tracked down the Census entries for a family that has some connection to the Deeming case.

Other information found and greatfully received yesterday and today include,

  • Frederick Richard Chapman in the Census.
  • Frederick Richard Chapman in the British Medical Registers.
  • Frederick Richard Chapman in the Hull Press.
  • Frederick Richard Chapman in the Hull Trade Directories.

The largest and most exciting find, however, is the Victorian Library Reader Ticket of Robert D’Onston Stephenson, under the alias, Roslyn D’Onston Stephenson.

Jack and the Social Network

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Jack the Ripper is huge on the internet, but it’s only when you dip your toes into the Social Networking sites that you realise how huge the case is.  Facebook and Myspace all have dedicated areas for Ripperologists, Historians, and Crime buffs to gather and discuss the case, and Twitter has several Ripperologists posting updates, or Tweets, regarding the case and their research. 

A search of Facebook’s ripper related pages brought up over 600 pages with ripper related content.  Whilst some of them are laughable “I Love Jack” type pages, there are some that feature maps, photo’s and discussions on Jack the Ripper and his unfortunate victims.

I post my information about my local history, Jack the Ripper, and Paranormal research on Twitter, and found that it’s a great way to keep updated on local, national and international news, views and topics that are associated with the case. 

You can follow me on Twitter here:

On Facebook here:

New Finding on Deeming.

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It has been a week of newspaper research and some great finds have been discovered especially on Frederick Bailey Deeming.

Over the past few days I have uncovered,

30 International Newspaper reports on Deeming’s bancruptcy trial in Australia in 1887 

30 International Newspaper reports on Deeming’s trial for fraud in Australia in 1887-1888

12 National Newspaper reports on Deeming’s trial for fraud in Hull in 1890

45 Newspaper reports looking into the Hedon/Preston tragedy, some of which look at Deeming as being the assailant

It’s not all Deeming though.  Over the course of the week I have also uncovered

12 National Newspaper reports on James and Florence Maybrick.

40 National Newspaper reports on the Baccarat Scandal.

40 National Newspaper reports on the Cleveland-street Scandal.

This week I have also taken delivery of 7 books that feature Robert D’Onston Stephenson, or in one case Stevenson, and each looks at his life and connection to the murders.

Fatal Incision

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I received the following  from WR. Park and would like to share it here,

WR.PARK’s latest novel, ‘Fatal Incision’ is being called the most ingenious and compelling account of the ‘Jack the Ripper’ mystery in over 121 years. However, be forewarned, after all it is a novel—but who is there to say it didn’t actually happen this way?

In the summer of 1889, the ‘Jack the Ripper’ mystery was solved, and until now, the true story was never revealed.

Ghastly ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders of five mutilated women in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888 ended without an arrest—though suspects were plentiful.

Two young Scotland Yard detectives, armed with only a hunch, voyage across the Atlantic to New York City to assist in investigating a string of similar murders.

Did ‘Jack’ slip away to America—and is now applying his macabre trade as ‘The Manhattan Ripper?’

Bestselling author, R. Barri Flowers read Fatal Incision and wrote: “A captivating historical thriller novel about the hunt for the infamous and elusive Jack the Ripper that is sure to win Park fans on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Bestselling authors praised WR.PARK’s recent suspense-thriller-mysteries:

Jon Land wrote: “In OVERLAY, Park brought memories of Robert Ludlum at his best.”

James Rollins wrote: “The Dacian Resurgence is a non-stop rollercoaster from Europe to Washington…part Clancy…part Cussler…all Park. Pull up a chair by the fire and enjoy the journey”

Robert S. Levinson wrote: “Take a determined CIA agent, a degenerate assassin, a pair of desirable women, a slew of dismembered congressmen, and you’ll have yourself a delicious stew of storytelling from WR.PARK in his devilishly conceived thriller, COMA.”

Midwest Book Review wrote: “COMA is ten times as exciting as The Jackal.”

For ordering Fatal Incision go to Amazon and punch in ISBN # 9781935605362 or phone the publisher’s sales office at 1-210-232-1935.

Thank you,

WR.PARK (Bill)

You’re invited to visit all 6-pages of WR.PARK’s website: to read about his last seven published and upcoming suspense-thriller-mystery novels.

East Riding Archives and Hull’s History Centre

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This morning I had the pleasure of visiting both Beverley’s East Riding Archives and Hull’s History Centre in the search for information, photo’s and press cuttings on Frederick Bailey Deeming. 

I was shocked to discover a press cutting from 1892 linking Deeming to an unsolved murder case dating back to 1891, a short while after Deeming was released from Hull Gaol!  With this in mind I searched, and subsequently discovered the press reports from the 1891 cold case.  It transpired that a girl had been brutally murdered on the outskirts of Hull between Preston and Hedon.

At the time numerous suspects were taken before the police and numerous eyewitnesses reported the murderers escape, but at the time the Hull Police were stumped.

It was only in March 1892 during the trial of Deeming in Melbourne that the Hull Police decided to reinvestigate the case and the possibility that Deeming was responsible.

I am also pleased to announce that today I obtained not one but two photographs of Frederick Bailey Deeming.  Both of which were taken by Messrs Barry Photographers of Park-street, Hull, during Deeming’s 1890 visit to the city. 

London Research Trip

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This weekend I was fortunate to be a guest speaker at The Ghost Club in London, meeting at long last with noted Ripperologist, Author of The Jack the Ripper Location Photographs and Co-Author of The London of Jack the Ripper Then and Now, Philip Hutchinson.  The lecture, on Hull’s Ghostly Myths and Legends took in a few locations also associated with Robert D’Onston Stephenson and his family.

Whilst in London I managed to take a trip to the London Metropolitan Archives and looked through their extensive Trade Directory collection for any references to Robert D’Onston Stephenson, or any of his aliases.  I also looked for Mabel Collins, aka Mabel Cook, and Vittoria Cremers, who doesn’t have any aliases!

I also spent time looking for references to Pompadour Cosmetiques, and the property the trio were said to have worked at on Baker-street.

The trip fell on the hottest day England has had so far this year with temperatures reaching 32 degrees celcius, and it was even hotter on the tube, but it was a great day, with some great finds and all thanks to Philip and the great bunch at The Ghost Club.

Frederick Bailey Deeming- New Finds

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It has been on the cards for a while, but this morning I finally got the time to travel through to Beverley and visit East Riding Archives and it wasn’t going to a wasted journey.

I had always wanted a copy of the Marriage of Deeming, under his alias Lawson, to Miss Matheson of Beverley and among the parish registers of St Mary’s Church I found it.  The certificate has seen better days and a large tear exists along the centre, but all the details are readable.

With the certificate in hand I decided to search the Beverley Guardian for the period, and found the Wedding among the BMD’s.  Again, this provided yet more details of the couple.  Especially Deeming, who had writted not one, but two different names and surnames for his father!

Next up I decided to search the same publication for the trial of Deeming in September 1890.  This was the trial where Deeming was charged with Fraudulantly obtaining jewellery from Messrs. Reynoldson and Son.  Not only did I find several newspaper articles pertaining to this case, I also discovered more than was initially featured in the Hull Press at the time!  Among the articles were several local articles with commentary from people that knew Deeming whilst he was in Beverley.

Next up I decided to check the same publication for the year 1892 for the trial of Deeming, and sure enough not only did I find new articles, but many of them featuring the local slant on the case, and interviews with Beverley locals!

After this I perused a scrapbook that featured Deeming on several occasions and consisted of newspaper cuttings from the Yorkshire region. 

I was also informed of two photographs on file of Deeming, and managed to look at one of them taken by Barry of Spring-street, Hull!

The staff at East Riding Archives were fantastic and really helpful, often pointing me in the right direction and helping me with the reader printers which seem to differ from Archival Centre to Archival Centre.

Afterwards I took a walk through Beverley market, taking in the sights and smells of the stalls and made my way up to the St Mary’s Church.  As a child we had visited here, and I had been informed then of the alleged link between Lewis Carroll and the rabbit carved in stone in St Michael’s Chapel here.  After walking around the church I managed to find the rabbit and after asking permission was allowed to snap several photographs.

I also managed to obtain photographs of the Chancel, where Deeming, posing has Harry Lawson, would have stood in 1890, telling his new bride that he was a single man, and thus begining his downfall.

Research Trip Findings July 1st 2010

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Hull History Centre 

Yesterday I managed to track down several previously unseen reports dating back to the 1890’s regarding Frederick Bailey Deeming.  I had previously found the reports relating to Deeming’s fraud trial in Hull in September 1890 and had heard there were other reports from this period, but sadly these could not be traced. 

I did, however; find over 50 new reports from the Hull Daily Mail dating from April and May 1892 and covering the trial of Frederick Bailey Deeming.  Many of these reports offered new insights into the criminal life of Deeming, and some offered the local slant on events.  Many of the reports came from former Governor of Hull Gaol, Harry Webster, who was in Australia during the trial and who had Deeming, alias Lawson, under is charge at Hull Gaol for the frauds he committed on a Hull Jeweller.

 East Riding Archives

Tomorrow I hope to visit the East Riding Archives and St Mary’s Church in Beverley.  The archives hold all the parish registers for Beverley and I am hoping to obtain the wedding entries for Deeming, under the alias Lawson, and Nellie Matheson. 

Whilst there I also aim to visit St Mary’s Church, a location associated with Frederick Bailey Deeming and Lewis Carroll, a suspect proposed by Richard Wallace in his book Jack the Ripper- Light Hearted Friend.

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