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Stephenson/Dawber Research

Although the local studies library and City Archives are now closed, work still continues in the research of both Stephenson and Dawber families.  Prior to Christmas I obtained hundreds of records and entries, that show the Dawber family business, where it operated from, and in several instances, who was in charge of certain areas of the business. 

These have all been digitised now, and form a seperate chronology for the Dawber family, but are also being incorporated into the larger Stephenson chronology.

One of the most interesting aspects, is seeing how the Dawber business grows, as the Stephenson families fortunes also seem to grow.  Then, as the Dawber family and Stephenson family seem to pull apart, the Stephenson families luck seem’s to change!

I will be looking into this further, as it appears that both William Dawber and later Robert Dawber, where in control of the Stephenson family via Mrs Isabella Stephenson.  It was previously thought that Richard Stephenson was in control, but it appears as though he is a kept man!!

All the work on both Dawber and Stephenson will be donated to the Dawber family, to help in their own research into their family tree.

Jack the Ripper-Newspapers From Hull

The book is growing in size, and after taking some time out from this project, I am back in the saddle and working harder than ever, transcribing fresh newspaper reports, and writing new chapters. 

So far the book features chapters on the following,

Introduction - A brief History of Kingston upon Hull

  • Notes about the Hull Police in 1888
  • The Hull Newspapers
  • The Eastern Morning News and Hull Advertiser,
  • Hull News,
  • Hull Times,
  • Hull Daily News/Evening News,
  • Hull Daily Mail,
  • Information Gathering and the Hull Press
  • News Agencies
  • The Central News Agency
  • The Press Association
  • Correspondents
  • Other Newspapers
  • The Advent of the Telegraph and the Hull Press
  • The Advent of the Telephone and the Hull Press
  • The Advent of the Railway and the Hull Press
  • Growth of the National Press
  • Stop the Press - An Introduction to the Newspaper Reports
  • Notes about collection of the reports
  • Notes about transcription of the reports

The book also features several appendixes covering Contempory Currancy, Witnesses, Police Officials, Home Office Officials, Medical Officials, and Suspects.

Each chapter is full referenced, with footnotes and bibliography.

More updates soon…

Updates, Findings, and other News- January

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Well it is 2009 and firstly I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support on the blogg, their comments, and of course well wishes.  May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Stephenson research

One thing I love about the internet is the amount of new material that is added on a daily basis.  Last year I was looking for gaps in my chronology on the Stephenson and Dawber families, and searched serveal online archival sources, finding only the material I already have.

Yesterday I re-searched these sites and eventually found a couple of new references.  What sets these aside from other referecnes is that fact that the findings where found not in a Hull Trade Directory, but a York Trade Directory!

The names, dates, locations and occupations all match what is known both before and after the entries, but finding them in a Trade Directory from another district was quite a coup, and of course, opens up new avenues for research!!

Origin’s of the name “Sudden Death”

The search is on to now find the origin of the name “Sudden Death” which was allegedly used by Stephenson, and has brought up some interesting observations and theories!

See the discussion here,

Now where is a researcher supposed to search?

With the closure of Hull City Archives, Hull’s Local Studies Library and Hull University Archives, where is a Hull based researcher supposed to search?

Well, yesterday I recieved reassurance from Hull’s Carnegie Heritage Centre, that they will remain open and welcome new visitors and researchers.  The building is a lovely place, with a wide range of research tools.

My Ripper book of the week 17

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The Ripper in Ramsgate by Christopher Scott.

As a local historian I love books on local history, espcially those that teach me new details about the place that I live, and that people that once lived here.  These books take the reader on a journey and make one appreciate the area that they live in, and help them remind younger generations why those areas are of importance.

Chris takes us on a similar journey through Ramsgate, and show’s us that not every Ripper book has to be about the ripper, but can also cover the minor supporting charectors that make the case so interesting.

He states in the begining that he has no intention of revealing a new suspect, but instead he takes us through the people involved in the case, and what links them to this seaside town.

Utilising Chris’s knowledge of BMD entries, Census records, and press reports, the stories unfold supported by primary sources.

All in all a rather interesting read, which is a valuable addition to any book shelf.

The book is available now priced £3.99 and postage is free within the UK. 
It is available from Michael’s Bookshop and their website is at:

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