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It might seem to some that I have not been around much recently but I can assure you that work is ongoing in the background in ripperological circles.  Among these projects are;

The writing of Jack the Ripper, From Hell, From Hull, volumes I, II, and III.

The writing of Jack the Ripper, Newspaper’s From Hull.

The presentations are still ongoing and already dates for 2011 are flooding in, including historical groups, and educational centres.

Several other local history projects are in the works including collaborations, guest spots, and new articles.

I am also working on what promises to be the largest “Year in Review” ever seen on a Jack the Ripper blog, with books, magazines, tv shows, documentaries, and many other forms of media and events getting a look in.

New finds are also being made, including work on several suspects, from Albericci to Xavier and a fair few stops in between.

Jack the Kindle reader.

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It is something that had to happen at some point and it is nice to see so many titles embracing the format of the Kindle, but what is it, who can use it, and what titles are available for the Ripperologist?

A Kindle is an e-book reader, and is a software, hardware and network platform developed by Amazon.com for the rendering and display of e-books and various other forms of digital media.  

A Kindle allows the reader to bookmark, highlight, and look up references whilst reading, and notes can be added to the content.  Readers can also search through synonyms and definitions via a built in dictionary.  It is also possible to save a page as a clipping or a text file for future use.

Kindle’s can be purchased from Amazon, but if you don’t wish to purchase a Kindle, you can download Kindle Software to your home computer or laptop so that you can view these books.  The best thing is, these downloads are free and legal and work on most, if not all, operating systems.

The following ripper related titles are available and prices range from 0.71p to £20.70


A Study in Red by Brian L Porter

Whispers in the Wind- The Search for Jack the Ripper by Del Garrett

Demons in London by Nicholas DeMeo

Witches, Werewolves and Jack the Ripper by GM Jackson

Mr. Jitterbones: A Jack the Ripper Story by AP Fuchs

Jack the Ripper/Erotic Oddessey- Old into New by Isabella De Larentus

A Handbook for Attendants of the Insane by Clanash Farjeon.

Ripper’s Row by Donnie Light and Shawn Weaver

The Passion of the Ripper by Nicholas Nicastro

Shadow of the Ripper by Tom Schafer

Jack’s Place by Steve Kenning

Jack l’Eventreur by Robert Desnos

In Miller’s Court by Andrew Hoffman

The Ripperologists by John Gaspard


Non Fiction

The Complete Jack the Ripper by Donald Rumbelow

The Mammoth book of Jack the Ripper by Maxim Jakubowski (ed)

Jack the Ripper Revealed: The Truth at Last by Dr Terry Weston

The Illustrated Jack the Ripper by Gary Reed and Mark Bloodworth

Portrait of a Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper- Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell

Jack the Ripper’s Secret Confession by Nigel Monaghan and David Cawthorne

The London of Jack the Ripper: Then and Now by Robert Clack and Philip Hutchinson.

Jack the Ripper and the London Press by L. Perry Curtis

Jack the Ripper: Crime, War and Conflict by iMinds

Prince of Quacks by Timothy B. Riordan.

Jack the Ripper- Pocket essential guide by Miriam Rivett

The free Kindle Download is available here, http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd?docId=1000426311

For more information on the Kindle visit here,


The Jack the Ripper Kindle Store on Amazon is here,


Thank You.

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Hull Ripper Lecture

Thank you to everyone who turned up to the Jack the Ripper- The Hull Connection last night at Hull’s Central Library.  The night went well and the Reference library, where the lecture was held, was bustling with people wanting to know more about Hull’s links to the case.

The feedback from the lecture was fantastic, and it was nice to meet some old faces, and some new.

Jack in Hull

It’s always nice to hear that people are taking an interest in Jack the Ripper, more so when it’s the younger generation, and a number of schools in Hull are taking the Ripper on, and trying to solve the case!  With fresh eyes, and new blood looking at an age old mystery, who knows what will be discovered.

Jack on the box

Over the past month a number of documentary makers have been in touch, each with their own take on the Ripper and the Autumn of Terror.  This means that 2011 will be a bumper year for new, fresh, and exciting Ripper documentaries.

I have also had the pleasure of speaking with a gentleman who is working on a movie script that will see Jack the Ripper hitting the big screens, should the movie get the green light, and of course, funding!!

Jack to the Future

With the year end quickly catching up on us, where do we see the case and it’s study going over the next 12 months?

I have already heard whispers from several authors that new books are being planned, and it was even stated that Paul Begg could have a new fresh Ripper book on the way, looking at an aspect of the case that researchers and certainly authors have never published a book on!  What it is will remain secret as Paul isn’t spilling the beans.

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