Brighton Horror Convetion use False Advertising?

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They state,
“But perhaps the most bizarre and intriguing link is between The Royal Albion Hotel and Jack the Ripper. In his 2002 book, Jack the Ripper’s Black Magic Rituals, former career criminal turned author Ivor Edwards claims that the infamous killer was, in fact, Satan-worshipper(Wrong) Robert Donston Stephenson, a trained surgeon(Wrong) (pictured left), who prepared for the Ripper killings by committing a murder in the hotel itself!(Wrong)”

Should I go on? They then state,

Prior to his move to Whitechapel in east London in July 1888, 47-year-old Stephenson lived above The Cricketers pub in Brighton’s Black Lion Street, which was a well-known haunt for prostitutes. As Aleister Crowley had done before him, Edwards hypothesises in his book that the Ripper mutilated his victims in occult ritual murders(Wrong). Stephenson, who was also known as Dr. Roslyn D’Onston and who wrote about the murders for the Pall Mall Gazette under the pen-name Tau Tria Delta(Wrong), was arrested at least twice by the police in connection with the murders, but was released without charge(Evidence?).”

Good to see they have done their research, and not just copied and pasted the report from a newspaper report, written years ago…

“Before then, in June 1888, psychic researcher Edmund Gurney received a letter telling him to travel to Brighton. Without explaining his reasons to either family or friends, he checked into The Royal Albion Hotel on the 22nd. He was found dead he following morning with a pad soaked in chloroform over his face. The coroner’s verdict was accidental death. According to Edwards, Gurney was murdered because he was investigating Madame Bravatsky, a well-known occultist and a friend(They didn’t even know each other at this point, but do go on!) of Stephenson, who at the time was living only a two-minute walk from the hotel and who was reputedly addicted to chloroform. The day after the inquest(Which was held in June, but you earlier claimed July), Stephenson left Brighton and moved to London. Shortly thereafter the Ripper’s first victim, prostitute Mary Ann Nichols, was discovered on August 31st…(A month afterwards is not really “Shortly”)”

“Stephenson himself published a book in 1904 entitled The Patristic Gospels, before apparently disappearing without a trace(Except in the 1910 Census). No death certificate has ever been found.(Wrong, his death certificate, burial records have been found)

Anyway, I am sure Trading Standards would be interested in such false claims!

Official Ripper Conference Blogg Launched!

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Dear all,

We’re delighted to announce the creation of an official blog on the Conference at

Mike Covell will be updating you all each Saturday from now until October, sharing his thoughts on the latest developments as the event takes shape.

Best wishes
Adam Wood and Andy Aliffe
Conference Organisers

Jack the Blogger!

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Thanks to Jonathan Menges, for pointing this out to me.

Some days ago I was chatting to a Hull/Hedon resident about “Twitter” and the pro’s and con’s of Blogging, and especially “micro-blogging”. I have never used Twitter, but it has become a popular place for micro-blogging, with several celebrities and journalists posting information on the website.

Mr. J. Menges posts details of the Rippercast on “Twitter” so that fellow followers can keep upto speed with shows, and news.

Mr. Ray Duff, earlier posted details of our conversation on Hull’s links to the Jack the Ripper mystery!

Ray has also very kindly asked for people to support “The London of Jack the Ripper, Then and Now” by joining the Facebook group,

Thanks Ray!

A Plea…

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Every now and then, a book comes along, that changes people’s view of the case, inspires them, and re-ignites the passion they once had. A book which makes you look at the case in a different light, not dwelling on the suspects, but looking at the location and social history of the surrounding area.

The London of Jack the Ripper- Then and Now, is one of those books.Released in 2007, this pictorial history of East London is a valuable resource that is an essential part of any Ripperologist, True Crime Enthusiast, or Historians bookcase.

Text and Images by Philip Hutchinson, and Robert Clack, featuring a foreword by Stewart P. Evans.

The book runs at 190 pages and is packed with images both old and new, chapters on the victims, and some thought provoking images, that will make you want to take the trip to London, and visit the sites yourself!

Publisher, Breedon Books have now sold out of the book, and will no longer commission another print run, unless they receive orders of over 500 copies!

Your support, and ideas on how to get another print run of this excellent book is appreciated!

Please feel free to leave comments and show your support for this excellent title.If you are a member of Casebook, there is a thread here, you are a member of, there is a thread here, you are a member of Facebook, there is a group here, Books,
Breedon Books Publishing Company Limited
Breedon House
3 The Parker Centre
DE21 4SZ

Thank you.

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