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Newspapers from Hell, From Hull
The book is expanding at an alarming rate, it’s huge, over 250+ articles, and many of these, I believe, have not appeared before. I also spent several hours this week looking at when each newspaper was launched, when it ceased, who owned it, who published it, wether it was a daily, or weekly paper, wether it was morning or nightly, where the offices were based, which had telephones in 1888, which had London offices in 1888, etc.
A study on Hull Newspapers was undertaken in 2005, funded by Hull City Council, but it was nowhere near as large as the work I have undertaken. 

A New Newspaper added to the list,
Initially I was to include only 4 of the Hull Newspapers, but since I made that decision, I was faced with a microfilm of another Hull newspaper. I now have all the reports pertaining to the Whitechapel murders, and I have began transcribing those.

A New Newspaper?
One of the only newspaper for the period I cannot get my hands on is The Hull Globe, but after several internet searches, I have tracked down a copy. I am in the process of arranging a sitting to access the newspaper, and try to get copies of the Whitechapel Murder articles!!

Stephenson - Dawber and Co,
Some new finds came this week into the families of both Stephenson and Dawber. The finds where made in Trade Directories, which had previously been unavailable, and show some of the missing years of the families chronologies. I was also able to track down later trade directories which show a little more about the Dawber family.
It is quite possible a Non-Ripper article will be written, concentrating on the Dawber family, and submitted to a local genealogical magazine. Watch this space…

Jack the Ripper, From Hell-From Hull?
The book was heavily editied this week, after I got rid of some of the global news reports and replaced them with some local news reports. I also added several new dates to the Stephenson chronology.

Mike Covell’s Haunted Hull,
Another book to be heavily edited, but purely for technological reasons. The picture files were massive and taking up too much space, so I have deleted all the images, and left it as a text document, at least until I get round compacting all the wonderful images!!

Last night,
Last night I was granted access to a wonderful building which was built in the late 1890’s as a relieving and vaccination office. I was there to speak to the residents as it as now become a homeless shelter, and I was lecturing on local history and the paranormal. By the end of the evening, the chat turned to JTR and it was a fun evening, with some really nice people.


This last few months seem to have been an uphill struggle, as I always seem to be attacked by viruses due to my pathetic immune system.  I have had to put up with vomiting, dizzyness, nausea, and loads of other nasty symptoms.  I look towards the day that everything is sorted and I can continue on as normal.  But until then, I have my ongoing research to keep me busy!

Stephenson work continues

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Late last week I was granted access to a private collection of research material on Mills and Milling, which featured quite a lot of information on the Stephenson family, and Union Mill.  Sadly, no photo’s of the mill or family were found, and all the information was already known, but it was nice to find a small collection on the family.

I also had a chance to look at some old books on Sculcoates, Wincolmlee, St Silas Church, St Mary’s Church and Church Street.  Again, information was found on the Stephenson family, but it was information I already hold on file.

My Ripper book of the week 14

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I am a self confessed contempory newspaper addict, when I am not writing and researching, I am often pouring over old newspaper reports.  Over the years I have amassed collections on the 1st and 2nd World War, Titanic, The Paranormal, and many other topics. 

Two years ago I began searching the four Hull Newspapers that were printing in 1888 and that are still available today, my aim was to collect them for my own little archives.  After a while I became obssessed with transcribing them and eventually decided to present them as a book.  To date I have transcribed hundreds of reports on the case, and other reports pre-dating and following the events during the “Autumn of Terror”

After hearing about my work, I was informed about the book “The News From Whitechapel-Jack the Ripper and the Daily Telegraph” by Alexander Chisholm, Cristopher-Michael DiGrazia, and Dave Yost.

The book is a well written, well presented piece of work on the Whitechapel Murders, and takes in the 5 commonly accepted victims, their murders, antecedents, Inquests, burials, and all the news worthy events that transpired during the case.

Each report is accompanied by a well written narrative, and features footnotes, and references.  Each chapter is also closed with a commentary.

The book points out all the errors, and sensationalism that was rife during the series of murders, and is an outstanding book.  I began reading it and could not put it down, and even when I finished, I would return to certain dates, to re-read what I had read earlier.

Although the book is available online, asking prices tend to fall around the £25 price, but believe me, it is £25 worth spending.

My Ripper Book of the week 13

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During the last few years, since being diagnosed with a heart condition, I have been researching Hull Newspapers.  My aim is to digitise every Hull Newspaper for the year 1888, covering every Ripper-related press report.  So far this has cost a small fortune, and filled several large files with cuttings, but I wanted to ensure I was not going over similar ground to other books published on the subject.

With this in mind I ordered a copy of “Jack the Ripper and the London Press” by L. Perry Curtis, Jnr.

The book was available for £25 on Amazon, and whilst some might think this a little pricey for such a specialist book, it was one that I had heard so much about, and therefore wanted a copy.

The book looks at the different news agencies, newspapers, and how they deal with the events, from sensationalism to twisting the truth!  Looking at the press, and its impact on politics, social conditions and policing in the East End.

The book flows, and once you pick it up, it is difficult to put down, but suprisingly, for although it is a book about the press, there are actually very few news reports.

The book is still available but be prepared to pay.

My Hull

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Here is a link to my online user group through Hull Daily Mail’s Website “Yoursay”


The Avenues and Alleyways,

A look at the victorian alleys and entry’s in Hull’s old town.


A Brief Journey into Sculcoates,

Take a look at the area where Robert D’Onston Stephenson grew up!


Sculcoates Re-visited,

Taking a trip around the ancient parish.


The River Hull-Industries Past and Present,

Walk along the River and see the different industries and how they look today.


Carnegie Heritage Centre

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The Carnegie Free Library at the gates of Hull’s West Park was one of 660 libraries in Britain and Ireland built with funds supplied by the Scottish industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. 

The library is now a fantastic Heritage Centre and hosts family history days, open access days and has a massive itinery of events. 

In the next few months, I will be using the library to see what information they have that might help my research.


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