Union Mill

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Union MillThe The attached Goads Insurance Map shows “The Union Mill” which was owned and run by Richard stephenson snr.  Richard was Robert D’Onston Stephenson’s father and the mill was situated on Church Street, more commonly known as Wincolmlee.

The image shows, the Oil House, Cake Shed, Linseed Oil Mill, 2 Pairs of stones for crushing, 3 Seed kettles for preparing the seed for crushing, a tank and offices.

The map fits in with the despcription of the newspaper and magistrates account of a crime that was committed at the mill in the 1840’s.

Early electoral rolls also state that Stephenson had “warehouses and  offices” at the Union Mill, which also fit in with the image.

All maps that I have obtained of the area earlier have had very little detail on them, this is the clearest……to date!

My Ripper book of the week 16

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My Ripper Book of the Week has to be, without a doubt, “The Maybrick A-Z” by Christopher Jones.  Several years ago, when the first diary book landed, I was aching to learn more about James Maybrick and his wife, Florence.  I purchased all the subsequent diary books, and a handful of Mrs Maybrick books too, just to gain an insight into her life.

So, when I heard this was on the way, I was quite excited, and the book surpassed my expectations.

Chris sets the scene with a selection of dissertations on James and Florence Maybrick, looking at their life, shotgun wedding and the slope into which, their marriage slid!

The second dissertation covers the trial of Florence Maybrick, the controvesy that surrounded it, and the outcome. 

The third, and final dissertation covers James Maybrick, and looks at his candidacy as a Ripper suspect.  What sets this book out from the rest, is that Chris looks at both the arguments for and against, leaving the reader to decide for themselves!

Next up, is the Maybrick A-Z, covering contempory persons and the role they played, locations, biographical information, maps, drawings and photos, and an easy to use reference guide.  All fully referenced, with a bibliography!

The A-Z also looks at the researchers who are continuing to look for the vital piece of the jigsaw that will prove conclusively wether James was Jack!  In the mean time, they have this book to work with!

The book is available now


ISBN 978-1-906823-00-9

My Ripper book of the week 15

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This week I am a little late in writing about the Ripper book that has my vote this week, purely because I got so engrossed in it!

After what seemed like forever, the book finally landed, and I was not disappointed. It’s smooth black cover and folding magnetic flaps ooze with class, but the real magic is contained within.

What follows are a series of well written, well presented dissertations on the victims, suspects, police officials, people and social conditions, and my fave chapter - The Press!

Some nice pictures, with colour and black and white used effectively to draw one into reading but there is more…

Contained within are a selection of Rare and removable facsimilie documents and memorabilia, including Ripper Letters, the Ripper Postcard, Notice to the Occupier sign, and loads loads more!!

The idea being, that when you reach a certain point in the case, you can read and look at the primary sources from the period! 

The book is not just an ideal starting point for new students to the case, but seasoned veterans will enjoy this too.  I know I did!

This book is going to become a classic, well done Richard!!

Jack the Ripper The Casebook is written by Richard Jones and available NOW!

Published by Andre Deutsch
ISBN: 978-0-233-00257-6
RRP: £19.99
Year: 2008
Website: www.andredeutsch.co.uk

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