Prime Suspect: Jack the Ripper.

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Last year I was fortunate enough to shoot some scenes for a documentary regarding Jack the Ripper.  I am pleased to announce that the show will air next week on March the 7th 2012 in the UK.  The show will feature on the following channels,

Sky Channel Yesterday at 537

Virgin Media at 203

Freeview at 12

Sky Channel Yesterday featured the following blurb for the show,

The identity of Britain’s most notorious serial killer, Jack The Ripper, has fascinated fans of true crime, lovers of Victoriana and conspiracy theorists all over the world for over a century. A Russian con artist, a Polish barber, an Irish American doctor and even the eldest son of Edward VIII have all been held up as suspects ever since the murder of at least five prostitutes in the London’s East End in 1888.

Now the story heads to Australia, where there has been a major new development in the Ripper story. In a laboratory on the other side of the world lies what is believed to be the skull of Fredrick Bailey Deeming, infamous as Australia’s first serial killer. At the time of his execution in 1892, Deeming was a suspect in the Jack The Ripper case. Born in England, he emigrated to Australia, where he murdered his second wife. In the subsequent investigation he was found to have murdered more people back in his home country.

In a recent experiment in an Australian laboratory, DNA was extracted from his skull. If this DNA can be linked to the crimes, Deeming could finally be proved to be the world’s most notorious killer or once and for all be eliminated from the enquiries. Could the identity of Jack The Ripper finally be revealed?


To read more and see the trailer pleae visit,

Yesterday TV at

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  1. Andrew Johnson Says:

    very interesting but as a writer on the subject and 18 years of such, prove of Deeming as fact that he was out of the country in 1888 is detailed one one page of the book The Facts by Paul Begg, it is not a new find really which again is covered and explained in the book I like the new evidence on the shawl,and the axe which now is known to have been used at the Kelly Scene a cigar, the documentary states he smoked a cigar which is also interesting. Know one Knows for a fact who the Ripper was so you never Know. i enjoyed the documentary and sat there taking notes! One day my book will be out there!
    Cheers, Andy Johnson

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for signing the blog Andrew, feedback is really appreciated.

    Sadly the current research available in print and online on Deeming is outdated by the discovery of several files here in Hull and in London just last year. Without revealing too much they are official files by a Government department that were discovered after filming had finished. They include a section on Deeming’s known whereabouts and in 1888 they state that according to official sources, not newspaper reports, he was in Britain. The files include searches made on Deeming and his aliases of the time. The reason why the files were only recently discovered is that the name on the files is a Deeming alias, and Deeming’s name only appears in the files under aliases. The problem with the South African story is that even the detectives charged with identifying Deeming publicly stated that Deeming was not their man. The facts are also further muddled when the eyewitnesses that place him in the area during 1888 do not tally, and some even get the year wrong claiming he was in Australia at the time, New Zealand, and the UK. One source gives us a rough timescale of Deeming’s time in South Africa as it is claimed that Deeming had a friend travel with him who subsequently died in South Africa, but a search of the death records show that this man died in South Africa, but nowhere near 1888! The files also showed that Deeming was not in a British Prison during 1888, but had served a short sentance in Australia in 1887, another myth featured in numerous books. Good luck with your research, if you need anything don’t be afraid to ask.


    Mike Covell

  3. Michael Hawley Says:

    Sounds very interesting Mike. Any ideas on if and when it will show in the US?



  4. admin Says:

    Hi Michael, I am not sure which network, if any, has bought the rights to air the show in the USA.

    Best wishes


  5. Cristopher Willardson Says:

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  6. Carol Deeming Says:

    Studying the picture Of Fredrick Deeming i was shocked to see a lot of Facial Similaritys that my family have with Fredrick Deeming my father in law and his father are deceased but my husband is alive and intrested to know if he is a decendant

  7. shirley wilde formally Paul Says:

    Hi Mike

    My Grandfather was Robert Paul who found the body of Polly Ann Nicholls. Some of the BBC programmes said his name was John Paul. Makes me quite cross they have not done their research. My father Michael Paul told us about the night his father found Mary Ann, although he called her Polly Ann Nicholls. So as children we all grew up knowing this story. My grandparents lived in Foster Street, Whitechapel Robert was on his way to work at Cobbett’s Court Spitalfields when he found the body of this poor woman If you care to be in touch please do so


    Shirley Wilde

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to sign the blog ladies and sorry for the delay. I have been in hospital, but have replied to you each in private emails. Thanks again. Mike Covell

  9. Yvonne West Says:

    I’m not a follower of Jack the Ripper, but I’m interested in him and have watched available films,etc. I’m clutching at straws in the form of a family legend in which my grandmother said that she rushed home from school everyday terrified of finding her mother cut up by Jack the Ripper. Her parents were publicans in the area aound 1888. I found her wedding certificate dated 1898 which lists her father as a’ publican deceased’.I wold like to know the address of the person who spoke of her gfather’s connection, just to try to find links. I live in France and I’m 76.It’s too late to ask my grandma for memories.My hope were dashed by the man who wrote the article about London pub crawls and his list of publicans. However, big coincidences happen, and if I become Jack fan on the way, why not. Yvonne West Ilooked back: Adrian Phypers was his name. I enjoyed his walk on paper.

  10. admin Says:

    I will send you an email Yvonne, thanks for the feedback on the blog.

  11. Ruth Mandt Says:


    I watched the program in the US. Very interesting. One question I had is why DNA was only tested from the stamp and not the envelope seal itself. Is there a reason for this? Were envelopes not sealed the same way at that time?

    Thank you.


  12. admin Says:

    Hi Ruth, I wasn’t involved in that aspect of the case, but I believe it was due to the stamp being licked and thus had a greater chance of holding any DNA.



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