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At Last….

George Chapman, the notorious “Southwark Poisoner” has deserved a decent book about his life and crimes for years, if not for him, but for the victims he killed and the trail of destruction he left behind. There are other Chapman books on the market, but what sets this one apart is the attention to detail and dissection of every aspect of Chapman’s life, crimes, and representation in the media. It doesn’t regurgitate the old myths surrounding him either, it takes these and demolishes them.

The book is split into six sections, covering topics such as his life, crimes, investigation and execution, motive, myths, and whether or not he was, or even deserved to be called “Jack the Ripper.” Furthermore, each part is split even further into decent bite size chunks for the reader to dip into and devour.

What I found most interesting about the book is the way Chapman is presented. He is not given to us as a continent hopping multiple murderer, but instead as a man who worked his way through life, encountering women, poison, and the ultimately the noose.
The chapter regarding the stories and myths surrounding his life was fascinating, and I was amazed at the number of stories and myths surrounding him, stories that seem to be commonly accepted facts. Helena takes these stories and shows them to be falsehoods by placing them alongside contemporary historical sources.

The chapter regarding his candidacy as “Jack the Ripper” appealed to me most, being a Ripperologist, and I was fascinated by the 15 points set out against Chapman as Ripper. Helena takes these points and discusses them against contemporary historical sources, presenting a fair and balanced argument for her theories.

The overall presentation of the book is outstanding,(hardback edition) from its sleek design, photographic glossy paper, and lavish silk page mark. It is also well researched, well presented, and thoroughly referenced throughout.

The book will appeal to those with an interest in true crime, criminal history, and anyone, like me, with an interest in “Jack the Ripper.”

Jack the Ripper At Last is available from  Hastings Press at the following website: http://www.hastingspress.co.uk/

Full details on the price, postage etc, can be found on the dedicated page to the book:  http://www.hastingspress.co.uk/chapman.html

3 Responses to “Jack the Ripper At Last? - Review”

  1. Dave White Says:

    Hi Mike - it is a superb book is it not? Like you, I reviewed it on Amazon - I’m a huge reader, (always have been), and this is up there with the best I ever read…so pleased you see it the same way

    Don’t know if you’ve any interest in railways, but if you have, I’d really recommend her “Railwaywomen” - that too is one hell of a good read

    All the best


  2. barry eggett Says:

    of all the ripper books I have read ,not one mentions the fact that in 1888 royal assent was given for the construction and maintainance of electric tramlines along the whole length of Commercial Street ,London. The North Metropolitan Tramways Company carried out the work which involved hordes of navvies working day and night .This work ran right through the centre of the Ripper Murders . most of the work took place in the second half of 1888 and finished in mid november 1888 [ when the killings stopped ]

  3. barry rain Says:

    Just a thought about the Ripper slayings? WHY was no money ever found on these ladies, payment for intended services???????

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