Bridlington or Bust!!

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I did think about incorporating this into my usual “Adventures in Research” thread, but figured it deserved a thread of it’s own, hopefully showing people what goes into the planning and execution of a research trip.

It was decided some time ago that a follow up visit to Bridlington was in order, not just for research into Robert D’Onston Stephenson, but also the Dawber family, who actually resided, worked and died there!

On Monday, I contacted Bridlington Achives after checking their website, and recieved a reply that I was able to gain access to the centre for research on Thursday 9th April 2009.

As the centre opens at 9.30, I had to book an early train, which worked out well, as the tickets were quite cheap. It does mean that I arrive 45 minutes before the centre opens, but this means I can do a quick recce of the location, before taking a short walk around Bridlington Quay itself.

After researching for several hours, I figured I would be in need of refreshment, and where better to visit than The Black Lion itself! The centre stands about 1.2 miles away, giving an estimate of about 25 minutes walk.

I am hoping to walk, and take in Brett-Street, allegedly named after Dr Brett, on of the Doctors who assisted at the Quay after the shooting.

If the weather is against me, I will seek out a bus or taxi to take me up into the old town of Bridlington.

I don’t really have anything planned for my arrival at the pub/hotel, but I hope to make contact at some point today to arrange a meeting with the landlord.

After that the world is my oyster, I am free for the rest of the day and have thought about travelling upto Flamborough Head.

Two options are available to me at this point, bus, or boat!

Planning a research trip is essential, whilst I have visited locations in the past on a whim and made significant finds in the Stephenson/Dawber time line, I always plan a trip like it is an important event, and something I might never be able to do again.

For this trip I have set out a “Wish List“” of what I want to look at, and what might help me in my search.
This includes,

  • Dates
  • Times
  • Locations
  • People

I also work out a list, in advance, with the help of the location I am visiting that I refer to as “My Tools
These are simply things that will help me in my search and include,

  • Newspapers
  • Trade Directories
  • Burgess Rolls
  • Polling Books
  • Census Returns
  • Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes
  • Maps

And any other item the centre might be holding that might help.

As a rule, I believe that “If you don’t look, you don’t find

I always take a sample of my chronology or a sample of who was where and when! This usually helps me think outside of the box, and helps me find things that have been overlooked. For example, The Dawber Family where not only working at Bridlington Quay, but had lived there and died there, yet we know very little about the time they spent there.

Is it possible that Robert D’Onston Stephenson chose Bridlington to be close to family?

Without looking into the family who where there, we will never know, but we need to look to establish that they were there, and this might help us.

As well as my “Wish List” and “Chronology” I have also printed off a copy of “Robert D’Onston Stephenson-Dissecting the Incident at Flamborough Head
Found Here,…amborough.html
I will present a copy of this to both Bridlington Archives and The Black Lion Hotel, as a thank you for their hard work and help.

I have already packed the bag with pens, pencils, notepad, digital dictaphone, digital camera, batteries, “Wish List”, “Chronology” and “Itinery”

6.45 Take Daughter to Nursary!
7.00 Daughter at Nursary
7.10 Taxi from Daughters Nursary to Railway Station
7.52 Train Departs Hull
8.39 Train Arrives Bridlington
9.30 Bridlington Local History Centre and Archives open.

Blank space for research and visit to the Black Lion!

16.14 Train Departs Bridlington
16.58 Train Arrives Hull
17.30 Get home and back to reality!

3 Responses to “Bridlington or Bust!!”

  1. RayDuff Says:

    Mike - this is an excellent post for anyone who is doing research into family history - or any other subject for that matter! Preparation is key!

    As the saying goes - Fail to prepare; Prepare to fail!

    Hope the trip goes well/ went well!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Ray, although the weather wasn’t that agreeable, it was still a lovely day, with some amazing finds. I will be following up this post, with a detailed report of the day.

  3. Paula Says:

    Your post is intriguing! Keep up the good idea!

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