A couple of Ripper related titles.

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This month I had the pleasure of obtaining a few titles that cover certain aspects of the ripper case, and mention several suspects, victims etc.

Among the titles are,

The Cheeky Guide to Brighton, David Bramwell and Tim Bick,
Small section on Robert D’Onston Stephenson and Cricketers, and some info on Aleister Crowley. RRP £9.95

The Cases That Haunt Us, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker,
Chapter on Jack the Ripper, including victims, events, and suspects. Some sloppy mistakes but overall enjoyable reading. RRP £6.99

Profiling Violent Crimes, Ronald M. Holmes and Stephen T. Holmes,
Chapter on Jack the Ripper, victims listed, neat easy to read tables but some basic errors. Dr. Roslyn Donston was a surgeon in a London Hospital two blocks from the murder of Nichols apparently.

Serial Killer Investigations, Colin Wilson,
In a chapter entitled Sex Crime-The Beginings, Wilson tackles Jack the Ripper in a few short pages, but makes some sloppy errors. He claims to have taken much of his work on this chapter from Profiling Violent Crimes by Ronald M. Holmes and Stephen T. Holmes, but instead of making the assumption that Stephenson worked in Whitechapel, he comes up with a new one and claims that Stephenson lived in Whitechapel! RRP £7.99

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