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Last night I was informed that a documentary about Jack the Ripper was on Sky Channel 200, known as Controversial TV.  The show, called Eerie Investigations featured Karen Frandsen, who also acted as a researcher on the show, interviewing Andre Price.  The show, including advertisement breaks ran for just under 58 minutes.


The idea was to present a solid account of the lives of the victims without getting bogged down in the endless list of suspects, but despite this Price was asked on several occasions, “Who is Jack?” and on each occasion he gave a list of some of the more popular theories, from the Royal Conspiracy, to Druitt, and Sir William Gull.


The locations that the duo visited were at odds with the victims they were discussing.  At one point they were talking about Bucks-row (Durward-street) whilst standing in what looked like the Court-street.  


The show then became rather silly, with Price claiming that Mary Kelly’s insides where “hanging from picture frames like Christmas Decorations!” despite neither the Dr Thomas Bond and George Bagster Phillips noting such a display.  Price then goes on to claim that when Thomas Bower discovered the body, he stepped back from the window and was sick.  Luckily for us Bower gave his testimony to Inspector Abberline, who wrote down his statement which can be found at the London Metropolitan Archives, MJ/SPC, NE1888, Box 3, Case Paper 19.


The show had a really good idea, but sadly the over enthusiastic interviewee let it down by filling in the blanks with untruths and conjecture.


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