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Yesterday the weather in Hull was warm and dry, and as such it made an ideal night for the first ever Hull based “Jack the Ripper” tour.  For many years most people will know I have been busy researching away trying to find out information on the 11 previously named suspects with links to Hull.  Alongside this I have been gathering material from the local, national, and international press on “Jack the Ripper” scares and scandals, as well as letters to, from, and mentioning Hull. 

In the past I have presented the bare basics of my research, on scares, scandals, and letters, in Ripperologist Magazine, and my research has also appeared in Casebook Examiner, with reports of my work appearing in The Hull Daily Mail, The Hull Advertiser, on BBC Look North, BBC Radio Humberside and on both the Rippercast and Ripper Radio. 

Last night it was time to pull it all together and present it as a walking tour for AMAZING HULL TOURS.

Now Hull has very few walking tours, and those that do exist have never offered a tour on “Jack the Ripper” so I knew it would be difficult getting people round to the idea of a Hull based tour; we are, after all, 200 plus miles from London and the scene of the murders. 

So last night late I took a tour around Hull City Centre.  It was a “Jack the Ripper” tour with a difference, because whilst the events in the East End of London were referenced, the tour had a unique slant on it, and took in locations associated with Hull. 

The tour took in locations associated with the likes of Robert D’Onston Stephenson, Frederick Bailey Deeming, and 9 other suspects.  It passed the scene where, in October 1888, a threatening letter said to be from “Jack the Ripper, was sent, and it passed the location of an 1888 “Ripper Scare.” 

The tour ended back in the present, with the conclusion of the tour ending where the recent Prime Suspect: Jack the Ripper was shot.

All in all it was a fascinating night and everyone was full of praise for Hull’s first, and only, “Jack the Ripper” tour.


  1. Karl Freebury Says:

    Fantastic night, great guide and full of information from start to finish. Highly recommended and can see these tours going from strength to strength. Thanks Mike.

  2. Dave White Says:

    Hi Mike

    That was very brave of you…hope it was a good turnout

    All the best


  3. Roz Says:

    I’m interested in this Roslyn Rosslyn connection as discussed in this thread Roslyn Rosslyn Revisited.

  4. Roz Says:

    And here:

    Roslyn Reboot

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Karl, it was great to meet you and I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Cheers Dave, it was a great night, and there will be more.

    Roz, Robert D’Onston Stephenson’s alias Roslyn, came from the row of houses that stood next to his grandparents house on Linnaeus-street, Hull. They were known as Roslyn Villas!

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