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Notable Finds,

Tim Riordan’s photo of Tumbelty. Philip Hutchinson’s Berner Street photo.

Andrew Spallek’s Druitt research and the mass of photo’s he uncovered!

ADAM Wood’s Lawende photo.  (Good old edit button!)

Written Word,

Jack the Ripper Casebook by Richard Jones, The National Archives in book form! The Worst Street in London by Fiona Rule, A well written piece, that helps create a vivid picture of the infamous Dorset-street!!The Prince, His Tutor and The Ripper, Deborah McDonald, a well researched and well written book!

The Maybrick A-Z, Chris Jones, The must have for those interested in the Maybrick family.

Elizabeth Stride and JTR, Dave Yost, a veritable treasure trove of information.The Ripper in Ramsgate, Chris Scott. A local historians dream!The Fox and the Flies, Charles Van Onselen. A thoroughly researched book.

A Study in Red, Brian L. Porter. A fictional romp involving a diary and JTR!!Audio Visual,

Jonathon Menges Rippercast set a new standard in Ripper Media, and to everyone that has participated in the shows.

All the people that helped get Casebook up and running after the crash! Stephen P Ryder, Casebook has expanded with a ripperwiki, and some really nice bloggs.

Howard and Nina Brown, for the JTR Forums Studies, a selection of articles and news stories for Ripperologists everywhere!

The documentary “The World Of Jack The Ripper” with Lindsay Siviter & Phil Hutchinson.A Study in Red, Brian L. Porter. With an Audio version announced, and a movie in the pipeline!!

Ripperologists, Chris Scott for his generous census work, newspaper transcriptions and for being such a nice bloke!

Philip Hutchinson and Rob Clack, these two men should be knighted for everything they do in and around London.Howard and Nina Brown, for their ongoing genealogy work and newspaper transcriptions

Everyone who has participated in Ripperologist, Ripper Notes and the Whitechapel Society.

Everyone who has participated in both JTR Forums and Ripper Casebook, and Rippercast!

Special mentions must go to Jon Reese, Brian L Porter, Howard Brown, Jonathon Menges, Christopher George and Stephen Leece, all of which have helped me loads this year. Many Thanks!!


The JTR exhibition at the London Docklands Museum, lets hope there is another soon!! The USA Ripper Conference, which saw many lectures given by Ripperologists such as Robert J McLaughlin and Philip Hutchinson, and run by Dan and Kelly Norder.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Jeremy Beadle, Wilf Gregg,

Julian Rosenthal,

Albert Johnson,

Things to look forward to in 2009!!

A Study in Red - The Movie! Whitechapel - The ITV crime thriller!

A UK Ripper Conf?

I will be meeting with a living relative of Robert D’Onston Stephenson next year!!

And another great year of people sharing and helping each other in their research. 

All the best for 2009!!

11 Responses to “2008 YEAR IN REVIEW!!”

  1. Franklin Says:

    All the best for 2009 Mike! Let’s hope 2009 will be even better for the wonderful world of Ripperology than this year. Take care and enjoy!

  2. Howard Brown Says:

    Dear Faulty One:

    I believe you meant to say Ripperologist Magazine editor Adam Wood,instead of Mr. Simon Wood,The California Man, acquired the Lawende photograph.

    Hopefully in 2009…we will see the re-emergence of Gavin Bromley to the boards,magazines,and maybe on Rippercast.

  3. Don Souden Says:

    The one to whom the Lawende photo was given was ADAM Wood, executive editor of Ripperologist. He and I wrote the article abutr the find. That was ADAM Wood.
    Also interesting that three of your four “finds of the year” first appeared in Ripperologist. When handing out magazine laurels bear in mind that we do appeat every month, like clockwork, with around 100 pages each issue in full color featuring leading-edge articles about JtR as well as more off-beat, but entertaining material.
    Had to get that plug in.
    Supe (Don Souden).

  4. admin Says:

    Sorry that should have read Adam Wood’s Lawende photograph.

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys, lets hope 2009 has just as many, if not more exciting finds and revelations, I am aware of several areas of research by people not directly involved with the field, so I eagerly await their findings!!

    Don’t mind you plugging “Ripperologist” at all Don!!

  6. Roger Baynton Says:

    And thanks for your blogs over the year Mike. I ALWAYS read them. Usually too scared to reply in case one of the experts tells me off!

  7. admin Says:

    Don’t be silly Roger, it is a pleasure sharing my findings, they are for everyone regardless of their knowledge of the case. I am looking forward to 2009, especially meeting the Dawber family, which was always one of my goals!! All the best..Mike

  8. Deborah McDonald Says:

    Hi Mike

    It’s a bit late but Happy New Year. I think you and possibly How need a prize just for being so prolific and interesting too. Thanks for the mention of my book by the way.

  9. admin Says:

    Hi Deborah, All the best for 2009. Your book is a fantastic way of showing how suspect based ripperology should be done.

  10. justin Says:

    hi mike love listning to you on rippercast ,your accent is ace.

  11. admin Says:

    Thanks Justin.

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