Updates, Findings, and other News!

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Updates and Findings 

It has been a busy time, and as such I have not been able to devote enough time to this blogg.  This is a blessing in disguise however, as I had made significant find’s on Stephenson and will continue to digitise them.

A month ago I began dissecting the “Dead or Alive” story.  I have since found several different versions which fall after Stephenson’s tale and several versions which pre-date Stephenson’s tale.

I also managed to track down the Weather charts for the night’s that Stephenson states he had the encounters, and I also have the lunar patterns for the night’s in question.

All of which go someway in putting this myth to sleep once and for all!

Other News 

In other news, I have been approached by an American company with a view to creating an online talkshow about the paranormal, the producers have stated it will be my show, and would like a healthy does of local history, ghosts and Jack the Ripper!


The Ripppercasts are doing well and loads of great feedback has been passed onto the team who participate.  It is always nice to know people appreciate them, and all the hard work that Johnathan Menges has put into them!

Check the Rippercasts site here…


Humberside Paranormal talks JTR

I am still involved with Humberside Paranormal’s Radio show, and after this evening’s Rippercast, I will be jumping onto a different channel to record a radio show with them.  The team at Humberside Paranormal get loads of requests to discuss Jack the Ripper, which is always nice!

Check the site here…


JTR Studies 

A new Ripper Studies site has been set up, this is to act as a holding space for the O’Donnell Manuscript, several Dissertations and Archives and acts as a sister site to the JTR Forums.com  The site is run by Howard and Nina Brown and can be found here,


Other than that, it’s pretty quite….

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