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The Ripper Podcast, The story so far,
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The Ripper Podcast was an Idea devised by Jonathon Menges, and has exceeded everyones expectations, it really is growing more than we could ever have imagined.

The podcast is up and running!!!!

Episode 1; SUDDEN DEATH A Discussion of Robert Donston Stevenson

1 hour 20 min.

With: Howard Brown and Myself

and a host who needs a new microphone….

Jonathan Menges.
Episode 2; Capturing the Victims - Photographing the Whitechapel Murders

With, from Western Canada, Robert J. McLaughlin, author of The First Jack the Ripper Victim Photographs, Howard Brown in Philly, our man in Hull Mike Covell, and myself.

Episode 3; Jack the Ripper on Film,

Jonathon Menges, Myself, Howard Brown, Robert J. McLaughlin and special guest Justin Dombrowski.

Episode 4; Sour Grapes: Myths From The Whitechapel Murders

with very special guest Dan Norder

Special thanks to Dan Norder, How, Mike and Robert for making a great show!

Episode 5; The Barrister of Bright Talent: Ripper Suspect Montague John Druitt

with Special Guest Andy Spallek, Jonathon Menges, Myself, Hoaward brown and Robert J. McLaughlin.

Episode 6; Martha Tabram,

with Jonathon Menges, Myself, Howard Brown and Robert J. McLaughlin. 

Episode 7, Philip Hutchinson, the Tourguide from Hell.

With Philip hutchinson, Myself, Jonathon Menges, Howard Brown and Robert J. Mclaughlin.

Rippercast, Home of the Whitechapel Murders Podcast,


To participate, give feedback or find out more contact,

Jonathon rippernet@mac.com 

Myself mcebe@hotmail.co.uk

Howard Brown donston1888@aol.com

2 Responses to “Jack the Ripper Podcast….so far”

  1. Stephen Ryder Says:

    Hi Mike - glad you’ve been able to recover most of the content from the previous blog! Just wanted to let you know there’s no title on this entry, so it might make it hard for other people to find it. :)

    Cheers, and best of luck with the blog!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Stephen, this has been rectified now! I was lucky enough to have a lot of stuff saved on the computer and on Myspace.

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